Please, remember me
as in the dream

First installment of my Infernal Devices tea blends!

Tessa Gray [x]

Rooibos vanilla chai, vanilla, and blackberry. Tessa is an adventure in a cup.  She is bright, with a sharp wit and an unmovable loyalty.  The perfect cup of tea to sit and read some Dickens.

Will Herondale [x]

Cocomint green, foxtrot, and chocolate chip.  Will is complex to a fault.  He tries to be cool and aloof, but his deep-rooted love for his family, blood and not, always shines through.  

Jem Carstairs [x]

Oriental Spice and peach oolong, accented with marigold flowers.  This tea reminds me of beautifully poignant music and a silver boy… exotic, sweet, and bright in the darkest of times.

Jessamine Lovelace [x]

Gunpowder, blueberry, and earl grey bravo, accented with rose hips.  Jessamine is vain and at times cold, but all she has ever wanted is that loving dollhouse family.

Charlotte Branwell [x]

Rooibos cinnamon apple, rooibos vanilla chai, and cinnamon.  Charlotte is strength and warmth, fully capable of running the Institute and protecting those in her charge.  

Henry Branwell [x]

Earl grey green, guanabana, rhubarb green.  Henry is always curious and exploring, often with little regard for the outside world.  He is a kid at heart, sweet and honest.

Sophie Collins [x]

Earl grey lavender, cranberry, and mango.  Sophie is sweet and gentle, until she needs to stand up for herself of those she loves.  She is beautiful and strong, and won’t let a scar on her face or her heart stop her.

Gideon Lightwood [x] 

Hazelnut, rooibos orange, and cream.  Gideon is dry, mellow and level headed.  A protective older brother to the core, but smart enough to let Gabriel make his own way.  This tea goes really well with scones ;)

There will be at least one more set of these for this series, more Cassie Clare teas to come :)

EDIT: As it says on the site, I own nothing. No characters, no stories, no cover art. These are all Cassandra Clare’s, and I’ve created these for my own entertainment :)

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